Trackside Support

We bought a 116 Trophy car off RaceCarsDirect. It was a good starting point, but the car needed some work. We got it ready to race, but it was a struggle, and we realised we didn't yet have the skills to run the car in a race. We'd seen Forty40 in action and thought they would be a good team to help us. They provide excellent support and do a lot of setup work at the track to help us get the most out of the car.

Your Instant Team

Many club racers own and maintain the car they drive.  That’s the very essence of club racing.  If you have a few friends who are handy with a spanner, you have your support team, but what if you don’t.  What do you do when there isn’t a group of people to call on?  Even if there is, will they happily follow you around the country to all the circuits?  Do you have tools and spares to be sure you stay on track?  Do you have the equipment to optimise the car?  Do your friends know how to optimise your car?

Our Trackside Support service gives you an instant team of experienced race mechanics.  They come equipped with an extensive toolkit that includes specialist equipment to deal with issues such as suspension tuning.

If this sounds like something you need, call or email us to discuss the options.

What We Provide
Race mechanic support
Nominated race engineer
Tools and equipment
Comprehensive stock of spares
Pit stop management