Forty40 Racing

Supporting 116 Trophy competitors

We’re working on our new website; faster and better.
In the meantime, here are our services:

Arrive & Drive

A very simple proposition; you turn up, you drive and then you go home. We supply the car, we book test sessions for you, we enter the car into the races, we get the car to and from the track, we fuel it and we support it trackside. All for a price lower than you could run your own car.

Trackside Support

You supply the car and the fuel, we provide the trackside expertise, dealing with race engineering, chassis tuning, running repairs, fuelling and pit-stop management. We even carry common spares in case something on your car fails.

Race Car Build

We build great cars that win races. We’ll help you identify a donor car, and then do a full build, or just do what you want done.

Drop us an email at or call us on 07961 222 900